First you listed your home for sale and shortly after, you received an offer on your home. After a little negotiating, you and the buyer came to mutually agreeable terms and you were officially under contract. Now that you are under contract, the buyer will do their investigation of your home to make sure the condition is what they expect and that they want to move forward with buying the property.

As part of their investigation of your home, the buyer will likely perform a home inspection. During a home inspection, a licensed home inspector will check all of the different parts of your home to ensure they are performing the function for which they are intended and make note of any deficiencies in a report they prepare for the buyers.

Don’t let this stress you out. The home inspection doesn’t have to cause you extra stress. Take a little time to prepare for the home inspector’s visit and you will make their job easier and hopefully keep them from being too picky in their report. Even if you have taken good care of your home and are very diligent about performing regular maintenance, something may come up in the inspection. In fact, it is very rare (even with a brand new home) to have a perfect home inspection. Just wait and see what comes up and then you can talk with your agent and determine the best way to handle it. Here are some tips to get your home inspection ready.


Inspectors don’t like to move or climb over things. Make sure that all parts of your home are easily accessible including your attic, garage, crawl space and basement. Take time to clean out under the sinks so that the inspector can easily inspect the pipes. Being able to efficiently do their job will make the inspector much happier.

Gather Maintenance and Repair Paperwork

Home inspectors may be less likely to examine your home with a fine-toothed comb if you can prove that regular maintenance has been performed. Gather all documents related to the maintenance of your home and place them in a folder or binder. Leave this information on the counter for the home inspector to see.  

Make Sure All Areas of Your Property are Available

The last you thing you want a home inspector to think is that you have something to hide. Make sure that you unlock all doors and gates, including those to out buildings, garages, pool houses and the crawl space if it has a lock on it.

Clean Your Home

While a dirty home does not mean there is necessarily something wrong with it, it may give the impression that you haven’t taken good care of it. A clean home will hopefully imply that you have taken good care of it and give the inspector that feeling while they are in your home.

Get Out!

Home inspectors prefer to be alone while they are doing their jobs. Don’t hover over them and make them uncomfortable. Go to work, the gym, the grocery store, library or any where else that will give the inspector the freedom they need to get their work done.

If you are still nervous after doing everything on this list, contact me and we can walk through your home together to make sure you are inspection ready when you need to be.

Christine Topham
RE/MAX Unlimited

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