If your home has carpet in it, regular maintenance will drastically extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking good, feeling good and your home smelling fresh. Don’t expect the carpets to clean themselves but some effort on your part will keep your carpets nice for many years to come.  

Step one is prevention. Our carpet and other floors are probably the dirtiest parts of our house as they come into contact with the bottoms of our shoes daily that we have worn everywhere. Some people decide to not wear shoes in the house as a way to keep the floors cleaner and this can help significantly by not spreading dirt from your shoes throughout your house. If you decide to make your home a shoe-free zone, you will need to create a shoe drop zone for the most regularly worn shoes inside the primary access point of your home. This isn’t for everyone but it can keep your house drastically cleaner if you are willing to go this route.  

While prevention is a big step, now it’s time to clean. The first step is regular vacuuming. Don’t wait until you can see the dirt to vacuum, do it a minimum of once a week and more if you have pets or young children. Even without shoes in the house, dirt will find its way inside. It falls off our clothes, comes off our pet’s paws and sometimes clean it immediately to prevent stains from setting and becoming harder to get out.  feel like it appears overnight but routine vacuuming will keep a lot of this away. When things are spilled on the carpet,

Regularly vacuuming your carpets will be your biggest line of defense but you should also consider professional cleaning on a regular basis too. Once or twice a year depending on your needs will make a big difference in how long your carpet lasts. If you like the idea of fresh carpet, you may want to consider investing in a professional home cleaning system. This will allow you to clean high traffic areas more frequently and tackle stains right away.  

If you are thinking about listing your home, you should definitely have your carpets professionally cleaned before photos are taken and it is on the market. Even photos can show carpet stains and flaws so cleaning first will make your pictures look much better.  

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