Buying a home is NOT CHEAP, the upfront expenses quickly add up. Often times, buyers are pretty satisfied and confident with the condition of the home they have planned to purchased.

So, do you REALLY NEED to pay that extra couple hundred dollars to hire a professional home inspector?

The answer is YES...ABSOLUTELY! If you plan on BUYING a home, then you better be prepared to pay for a HOME INSPECTION. Declining to pay a few extra hundred dollars to ensure the safety and quality of your home will likely cost you BIG TIME in the future!  Home Inspections are meant to uncover any HIDDEN or UNKNOWN defects that may affect the price, condition, and successful transaction in a real estate purchase. Do you really want to risk buying a home that possibly has Black Mold or even major foundation damage? Just because you can not see it, does NOT mean there are not other hidden problems.

Realtors® should ALWAYS recommend their buyer have a Home Inspection on any property that they plan to purchase.  Also, it is HIGHLY recommend that SELLERS have a home inspection on their property BEFORE it even goes onto the market.

 Inspecting the physical condition of a house is an important part of the home-buying process. Within the Georgia Association of REALTORS® Purchase and Sale Agreement, there is an option for a "DUE DILIGENCE" period.

The due diligence clause is the time period which allows the buyer to perform any type of inspections they prefer for the property (home inspection, termite), review the neighborhood, and to secure their financing in order to close the loan. Typically, a 10-12 day period that takes place once the contract has "gone binding" - signed by all parties.

 During this period, a buyer is urged to hire an independent home inspector to inspect all major house systems from top to bottom; including the roof, plumbing, electrical & heating systems, appliances, foundation, and drainage. The inspection lasts 2 - 4 hours and costs between $200 - $500, depending on the location, size, age, and type of home. A buyer may accompany the inspector during the inspection.  It is a great time to ask questions, learn more about the maintenance and preservation of the home, and discuss with the inspector any serious or  minor issues that may need to be addressed. A comprehensive report will be provided to  include detailed photos of the property with details about any existing or potential defects found, and recommendations for repairs by the inspector.



The State of Georgia currently has NO Educational or Licensing Requirements for Inspectors, so when choosing an inspector, it's important to determine their area and level of expertise, years of experience, and their current certifications held, such as; ICC – International Code Council (building code certified), and a member of ASHI – American Society of Home Inspectors. Plus, are they insured and covered for Liability, and Errors & Omissions?  Because Georgia does not require vigorous standards for inspectors, it is imperative to consult with your Realtor® - they can provide you with a list of inspectors that you can research before making a final selection.

DO NOT be the buyer who does their own  DIY Inspection...that is a TERRIBLE IDEA. As is, having  "Uncle Bubba" do the inspection because it will save a little money and "he's got a good handle with these types of things"? DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT do this...PLEASE!

 WHY?  Remember the old saying… “You get what you pay for”?

Well, sometimes you may even get MORE than you pay for - and not in a good way! Failing to hire a professional inspector could leave you facing serious consequences that could cost you THOUSANDS!

 The best way to ensure you are making a good investment, is to hire a professional home inspector. If not, you RISK missing something significant or not addressed properly. Ultimately, you inherit the problem and have NO recourse.

Hiring a professional greatly reduces the chances of something being over-looked.  In the event, there is a mistake then you may have an opportunity for assistance in rectifying the issue at hand. Even for those with considerable construction knowledge and experience, a professional home inspector can often share new and valuable information about the condition of a property that their “go to construction guy” has not experienced before or failed to detect because it's not within their daily scope of work.

Buyers that DECLINE to have an inspection when they purchase their home, may later discover when selling their home, that existing and undiscovered problems date back to when they originally purchased their home. These problems would of likely been uncovered by a  professional home inspection and then remedied by the previous sellers. But now, these defects have been passed down and inherited. Now, the new buyers will likely be address these existing issues during the home inspection period, and will be asking the seller to correct the repairs - repairs that could have been made previously per the recommended home inspection.

 Bottom Line, pay for Professional HOME INSPECTION - it will MORE than pay for itself down the line and possibly right away! It is not uncommon for our clients to move into their new homes with brand new HVAC systems, Roofs, and other big ticket items that were found faulty during the inspections and their repair/ replacement would ultimately lead to a successful transaction.  Plus, the inspection provides peace of mind that you are moving into a home that is safe home.

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