If you are thinking about selling your home before too long or really at any time in the future, you will need to make sure you aren’t doing anything that might negatively affect the market value of your home. There are many things that can have an impact on your value and some of them you might not realize.

Deferred Maintenance
This can have a big impact if you ignore things for too long. You put off taking care of simple things in an effort to save money or time and those small things can really add up over time. Ignoring things like overgrown trees and bushes that are brushing the house or the roof and a rotting piece of trim on the house can really add up if you allow them to cause damage that then has to be repaired. Through
deferred maintenance, what could have been a simple fix
over time costs more and may require a professional. Take care of issues quickly when you notice them before they cause bigger problems.

Renovation Choices
We all have personal tastes and that is one of the greatest parts about owning a home is the privilege to make your own choices about how you want your home to look. It is important to remember that all homes will eventually belong to someone else. If you don’t plan to stay in your home but a little while, avoid updates that may be hard to change or things that are very unusual like a built-in bowling alley.

Many homeowners have pets
however without a doubt, pets can leave lasting marks on your home. From carpet stains to hardwoods scratched by claws, pets can cause significant damage even if they are well behaved.

Curb appeal at your home is so important and is something you need to constantly take care of. Homes and yards that look appealing at first glance will have a higher value than those that look run down and like they haven’t been taken care of. This is about more than flowers and your yard. A first glance at your home will allow someone to see the front of the exterior, the mailbox, front yard, driveway and
Curb Appeal
even more depending on how your home is positioned. All of these items should be attractive to those that drive by. Keep the exterior of your home fresh and clean, your yard neatly trimmed and your flowers fresh and seasonal.

All of these items can detract from your home’s value if you let them. Regular attention to these areas will ensure you aren’t surprised by anything when you are ready to sell your home.

Christine Topham
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