The subdivision agent and the agent on the sign always represent the builder or the seller. They do not negotiate on your behalf. They have a LEGAL obligation to negotiate the best price and terms on the seller’s behalf. That means you have no one representing your best interests, therefore you may be paying too much or lose out on buyer incentives such as closing costs, upgrades, landscaping packages etc, because you did not have a Buyer’s Agent represent your interests.

A buyer’s agent represents YOUR interests, negotiates on YOUR behalf and our fee is paid for by the Seller.


The Buyer’s Agents responsibility, loyalty and confidentiality, is to their client, not the builder. When you work exclusively with a Buyer’s Agent, they are committing their time, knowledge of the market, and professional experience to their client so that the buyer fully understands what would be typical and customary for the market they are purchasing in. A professional Buyer’s Agent typically previews 30 to 50 homes per week! Because they work in the market every day, they gain expertise and are able to advise you in regards to offer price, closing costs, contracts, mortgages, home inspections, builder incentives and the final walk through. A Buyer’s Agent is also able to handle the challenges that can come up between the time you sign the contract and the closing.  


Wouldn’t it be better to have someone on your side and in your court when you are deciding on one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make? How much money or grief, could it cost you in the long run without an experienced agent looking out for your best interests above their own?

REMEMBER…If you buy directly from the subdivision agent, you have no representation on your behalf. To preserve your right to have Buyer’s Agent represent you, ALWAYS let the Subdivision Agent know that you are working with Team Christine Inc.

What do I need to do when I go to a new home Subdivision without my Agent? It is always better to have your Buyer’s Agent with you upon first visit but if you happen to go to the subdivision without your agent please tell the builder’s agent that you are working with Team Christine to find your next home. If they ask you to register your name, make sure that you also register us as your agent. That way we can ensure that if you do decide to make an offer we can negotiate on your behalf.

Common myths about dealing directly with the subdivision agent.

  1. If I go directly to the builder, he will cut his prices and give me a better deal.  No, the builder's goal is to make as much profit on the property that he built. Unless, the builder is in extreme financial duress, it is not likely that he will cut his price because you don’t have an agent. Think about this, because your buyer’s agent deals and negotiates with builders everyday they may know the builder’s motivation on the particular home that you have interest in and will be able to share that with you so you can consider that information when making an offer.
  2. If I deal directly with the Builder’s Agent I will get a break on the price because the builder will not have to pay the buyer’s agent their half of the commission. Sorry, it doesn’t work that way, the commission is built into the price of the home and the fee is negotiated at the time the home is listed with the builder’s agent. Typically, the commission is divided equally with each agent earning receiving 50 percent. If you don’t go in with your Agent, then the entire commission goes to the Builder’s Agent like a bonus, and you still won’t have any representation. 
  3. The Builder's Agent said they can get me a better deal because I am not working with a Buyer’s Agent. Again, the commission is negotiated up front before the first home is ever built believe me, the builder is in business to make a profit if he doesn’t work with a Buyer’s Agent he simply keeps the profit.    

Please remember this important advice!

A Buyer’s Agent represents YOUR interests, negotiates on YOUR behalf and our fee is paid for by the Seller!