4 Things that Help Your Home Sell Faster


1. Get Your Home Into Top-Notch Shape

Make it sparkle. Look at your home as though you were the buyer. Than make all the necessary improvements and replacements that you need to make your home stand out from the crowd of competing homes on the market.


2. Choose the Right Realtor.                                                                          

You need one who:

  • Is willing to work hard for you.  
  • Is associated with a reputable firm.  
  • Communicates regularly with you, reporting feedback from showings and advertising.
  • Has a proven record of past achievements.
  • Can offer references to attest to the quality of his/her service

3. Price Your Home Correctly.

This is the most important element in the timely sale of your home. The cost of your home or the amount of money you have put into it has nothing to do with market value. Market value is your home’s value based upon the actual selling prices of comparable homes in the last 6 months. Make sure that you look at  a market analysis with open eyes. The first four weeks your home is ion the market is the most important time. You can miss an immediate sale by incorrectly pricing your home.

4. Offer the Most Attractive Sale Terms.

Unless you absolutely need cash, discuss, with your Realtor, various options that may be offered to a prospective buyer. For instance;

  • Consider paying a portion of the Buyer’s pre-paid and/or closing costs. A buyer can    often qualify to pay full price for your home but is lacking the funds required for a down payment.
  • Carry back a first or second mortgage.
  • Offer flexibility with terms (if you can).

If you are serious about getting your home SOLD, call Team Christine today and find out how we can ensure you have a quick and profitable sell.

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