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Just Listed! 70 Moonlit Trail, Dallas, GA

Immaculately Maintained 3-Bedroom 2.5-Bathroom Home

This immaculately maintained 3-bedroom 2.5-bathroom home has numerous updates throughout! This stunning home features all hardwood floors on the main level, an expansive great room with a gas fireplace, and updated neutral paint in almost every room. The kitchen is a chef dream with a gas cooktop, granite counters, & large island. All appliances stay including refrigerator! Upper level features a great bonus space perfect for a study! Oversized Master Bedroom boasts his and her closets. Large master bathroom has a separate shower and double vanities. This charming home welcomes you with a beautiful stone front porch, and you will enjoy your time outdoors on the rear patio with a lovely lighted pergola. This property is all professionally landscaped. Newer roof (2016), upper HVAC unit replaced 2018. This property is truly a "Move-In Ready" home!

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Moving Up to Your Next Home

Deciding to move to a new home is a big and important decision. It means listing your home, showing your home, selling your home, finding a new home, packing, moving and furnishing a new home. It may make you tired just thinking about it and it can be a long and stressful process. With the right agent to work with, the process of selling your home and buying another can be exciting and even fun.

Here are four signs that it may be time to sell your home and find a new one.

Do You Need More Space?

Ten years ago, two bedrooms and one bathroom felt spacious to you and your cat when you finished college and moved out of your parent’s house. Then you got married, had a child (or two) and your home stayed the same size and you now work at home so your kitchen is for eating working, homework and free time. Sure you can add on to your home but that can be expensive and take a long time to get it right and you will definitely be inconvenienced in the process.

Have Your Priorities Changed?

When you buy a home at different times in your life, your priorities may be very different. When you first got out of college, you wanted to be able to walk to the gym after work or to brunch on Sunday mornings and now you want a backyard to hang out, a place to walk your dog and room for the kids to play. Priorities change and your home won’t change along with you.

Does Your Home Need More Work than You Want to Take On?

Your home may have been in good shape when you bought it and while there may not technically be anything wrong with it, after 10+ years or however long it has been, it could definitely use some updates to make it the home you want it to be. If it just isn’t right for you anymore and you aren’t interested in spending years and thousands of dollars to fix it the way you want it, you may consider purchasing a newer home that has the updates and features that you prefer already.

Are You Spending Too Much Time in the Car?

You may have changed jobs many times since you purchased your first home and no longer live anywhere near your office. If you are spending countless hours each day and week driving back and forth to work, it may be time for a change. The savings you will have in time that you can do something else with along with fuel and vehicle maintenance savings can really add up and may ever allow your housing budget to expand.

You may have answered no to all of these questions but still are ready for a change. That is ok too. We all know when things aren’t right for us anymore and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. If your house is no longer your dream home, call me and let’s discuss what we can do to sell your current home, what you are looking for in your next home and how I can help you make that a reality.

are making the best decision for you and not one that will benefit someone else.

Christine Topham
RE/MAX Unlimited

Doing More from For Sale to SOLD! That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent!

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Add Color to Your Life with the Pantone Color of the Year

Each year Pantone releases a color of the year based on color influences and trend analysis. After Pantone’s announcement of the color each year, the color often pop up in a wide variety of unexpected places including fashion, home furnishings, new products, packaging and others. For 2019, Pantone selected Living Coral as its color of the year.

Living Coral is a warm and vibrant color that appears in nature and provides a welcome pop of color in many of life’s surroundings as well. Like anything in life, there can be too much of a good thing and there will likely be overuse of this color in the coming months in many ways but consider Living Coral if you are looking for a trendy update in your home.

In addition to showing up in paint, furniture, textiles and possibly even small appliances, add some life to your home by incorporating it in your surroundings in artwork, curtains and other home furnishings. Since Living Coral is a bright color, you will probably want to stay away from it in large quantities so you don’t overwhelm your home but consider these five ways to add it to your home tastefully

  • Add an accent wall in your dining room, bedroom or living room in Living Coral. The vibrancy of the color may overwhelm an entire room but one wall can make the perfect impact.
  • Select a piece of art with a Living Coral hue as part of it. This is an easy way to add it quickly and you can always change it later when you are ready for something new.
  • Select a floral display or wreath that incorporates Living Coral in its design.
  • Consider using it in a small bathroom or other small space that might be without a window. A pantry or closet could also be a nice way to incorporate the bright color without you having to endure it all day every day.
  • As the year progresses, Living Coral accent items will begin to pop up everywhere. Browse your favorite home goods stores like TJ Maxx, Target or Marshalls and see what all you can find. You are certain to find throw pillows, rugs, ceramics and more. Don’t add more than one piece at a time as you don’t want to overdo it.

Since 2007 Pantone has been selecting a color of the year. See the history here and see if this trend has popped up in your everyday life without you even realizing it.

are making the best decision for you and not one that will benefit someone else.

Christine Topham
RE/MAX Unlimited

Doing More from For Sale to SOLD! That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent!

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You Don’t Have to Wait Until Spring to Buy a Home

As Spring arrives, buyers that want to buy a home this year will start seriously searching in an effort to beat the spring rush of buyers that are watching and waiting to grab the perfect home as soon as it hits the market. Should you wait to have choices of homes or start looking now? The right answer is to do what’s best for you and here are some thoughts to help you decide.

While more homes will start hitting the market the further we get into spring, the drawback is that more buyers are also looking at that time too. This creates more competition and can drive up prices when sellers receive multiple offers on a property. Even if no one else is interested in the home at the exact time you are, because so many buyers are looking at homes then, sellers might not be willing to negotiate very much since they may feel like more buyers will come along soon.

Agents will get much busier in the Spring as so many people want to look at houses meaning they may have less time to spend with you. This may mean you miss out on the hot new listing when it goes under contract before your agent has time to show it to you. Start looking now while your agent is less likely to be over scheduled.

Because there are fewer buyers looking at homes right now, sellers may be willing to negotiate more. With few buyers scheduling appointments to see their home, a seller will take your offer more seriously knowing it is very likely that they may have to wait until Spring for a buyer if they don’t work out a contract with you.

Just like real estate agents get busier in the Spring, so do the other professionals that will be necessary when you buy a home. Closing agents, home inspectors and mortgage lenders along with other professionals will have very busy schedules making it harder for you to get the attention you need from the top tier experts.

Industry experts predict mortgage rates will slowly rise as we get further into 2019, meaning you will likely pay more for the same house this summer as opposed to now when there is less competition and lower rates.

Ultimately, none of this matters if this isn’t the right time for you to buy a home or you can’t find the right home for you. Make sure you are making the best decision for you and not one that will benefit someone else.

Christine Topham
RE/MAX Unlimited

Doing More from For Sale to SOLD! That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent!

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Prepare Your Home for Its Inspection

First you listed your home for sale and shortly after, you received an offer on your home. After a little negotiating, you and the buyer came to mutually agreeable terms and you were officially under contract. Now that you are under contract, the buyer will do their investigation of your home to make sure the condition is what they expect and that they want to move forward with buying the property.

As part of their investigation of your home, the buyer will likely perform a home inspection. During a home inspection, a licensed home inspector will check all of the different parts of your home to ensure they are performing the function for which they are intended and make note of any deficiencies in a report they prepare for the buyers.

Don’t let this stress you out. The home inspection doesn’t have to cause you extra stress. Take a little time to prepare for the home inspector’s visit and you will make their job easier and hopefully keep them from being too picky in their report. Even if you have taken good care of your home and are very diligent about performing regular maintenance, something may come up in the inspection. In fact, it is very rare (even with a brand new home) to have a perfect home inspection. Just wait and see what comes up and then you can talk with your agent and determine the best way to handle it. Here are some tips to get your home inspection ready.


Inspectors don’t like to move or climb over things. Make sure that all parts of your home are easily accessible including your attic, garage, crawl space and basement. Take time to clean out under the sinks so that the inspector can easily inspect the pipes. Being able to efficiently do their job will make the inspector much happier.

Gather Maintenance and Repair Paperwork

Home inspectors may be less likely to examine your home with a fine-toothed comb if you can prove that regular maintenance has been performed. Gather all documents related to the maintenance of your home and place them in a folder or binder. Leave this information on the counter for the home inspector to see.  

Make Sure All Areas of Your Property are Available

The last you thing you want a home inspector to think is that you have something to hide. Make sure that you unlock all doors and gates, including those to out buildings, garages, pool houses and the crawl space if it has a lock on it.

Clean Your Home

While a dirty home does not mean there is necessarily something wrong with it, it may give the impression that you haven’t taken good care of it. A clean home will hopefully imply that you have taken good care of it and give the inspector that feeling while they are in your home.

Get Out!

Home inspectors prefer to be alone while they are doing their jobs. Don’t hover over them and make them uncomfortable. Go to work, the gym, the grocery store, library or any where else that will give the inspector the freedom they need to get their work done.

If you are still nervous after doing everything on this list, contact me and we can walk through your home together to make sure you are inspection ready when you need to be.

Christine Topham
RE/MAX Unlimited

Doing More from For Sale to SOLD! That’s the sign of a RE/MAX agent!

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